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 Visit our lenonardo's boutique  store to order your lenonardo's boutique  apparel anytime. Our store carries tuxedos, dress shirts, tux trousers, vests, cummerbunds, bow ties, cuff links and studs.

With dry cleaning services on location, we provide everything you'll need in a 'one-stop' boutique store. Please call us at (914) 592-0079  to arrange a fitting today.

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  •   Offering the finest selection of boutique and accessories with unmatched personal service. 
  •   We understand the fashion of boutique, the do's and the don'ts of lenonardo's boutique 
  •   We offer same day lenonardo's boutique service for those in a bind!
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Our wedding service is incomparable!

We personally manage every detail of the selection and fittings of all boutique for your wedding (regardless of size) to be sure that both the bride and groom are completely satisfied. Our wedding service is incomparable!

Lenonardo's Boutique offers "packages" for every member of the wedding party that will fit individual budgets. When you call or come in to book your wedding, we work magic. We stock all the latest styles in boutique, and every color and pattern in our accessory line to match any wedding theme. We do all this while trying to keep affordability in mind. When you call or come in, ask for Carmine. I am the owner and I personally handle every wedding. I will be glad to work with you, and make all your boutique needs my personal project. At Lenonardo's Boutique, we take care in providing you - the look and comfort in the finest wedding boutique available. We carefully fit and professionally prepare your wedding boutique on time. Your wedding tux will be completely ready when you pick it up from Lenonardo's Boutique. Be sure to bring your best man and the rest of your wedding party, so we can get everyone in your wedding party properly fitted for their wedding tuxes as well. We look forward to making your wedding a memorable occasion.